Beauty Products You Should Never Be Without

Hard economic times and a recession make it difficult for many women to justify spending lots of money updating their makeup and beauty bag. However, even if you have decided to cut down to the bare minimum and stop buying any eye shadow that looks pretty in the shop, there are some beauty products you should never be without.
Good Quality Face Moisturizer
Even if you don’t have time to apply makeup every morning, if your skin looks healthy and bright you’ll look more awake and beautiful. Using a good moisturizer every morning will help you avoid redness, flaky spots and protect your skin from the damaging effects of UV rays. Since the damage done to your skin is accumulative, the sooner you start the better. It doesn’t matter if you are young and your skin looks perfect right now: If you get into the habit of using this sort of product on your face since early on, every day, you’ll have better chances of reaching a mature age with a glowing and good looking skin.
Another product that can go a long way towards making you look your best, even when you are not wearing makeup, is a highlighter. You can apply it around your eyes to make them look more open and awake, use it to disguise unflattering shadows on your face and generally make you look healthier in five minutes. Combine with a tinted moisturizer and you are on for a 2 minutes makeup routine.
Anti-Spots Stick
For those days when your skin seems to hate you, having a good spot-treatment balsam handy can heal a breakout in hours instead of days. Many of them also have calming ingredients that can reduce the appearance of a spot enough so your usual concealer can disguise it, even if you have an important meeting or a date. If the spot insists on being red and swollen try applying a bit of ice for a few minutes to reduce the inflammation.
Natural Lip Gloss or Lipstick
One of the best things about lip gloss is that it can be used almost anywhere, gives you a healthy and polished look and it’s suitable even when a red lipstick wouldn’t be appropriate. The same can be said for a natural looking lipstick that complements your skin tone and makes your skin glow. Choose one with moisturizing properties to prevent your lips from cracking and you’ll have one of the best value cosmetic products you can find.

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