Effective Skin Care Products For a Glowing Complexion

Common Skin Problems
Also known as plugged pores, acne can show up in the form of whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and cysts. These usually occur on the back, shoulders, chest, neck, face and even the arms. Acne generally appears during the teenage years, but adult acne is not uncommon. You can get it even in your 20s or 40s. Although it is not a life-threatening or serious health condition, the disfiguring caused by acne damages self-esteem and can cause permanent scars.
Dark circles are a common non-hormonal skin problem that usually appears under your eyes. They are generally caused by inadequate sleep, fatigue, dehydration, aging, sun exposure and other reasons. Dark circles can make you appear tired, older, stressed-out and depressed. Wrinkles are folds, creases or ridges on the forehead or in the under eye area that usually develop as you grow older. They are also caused by sun exposure, facial expressions and other factors.
Skin Exfoliants
Exfoliation is a process of removing dead cells from the surface of the skin. Exfoliants are products that slough off dead skin cells for a brighter and younger-looking complexion. Most skin exfoliants are either based on chemical ingredients or help in physically removing skin cells. Physical exfoliants, such as over-the-counter scrubs, use an abrasive implement or ingredient. Professional exfoliation techniques including microdermabrasion can soften and rejuvenate your skin. Chemical exfoliants loosen or dissolve the bond between dead skin cells with the help of an enzyme or acid.
Top of the line skin care products
Skin care products are available in a wide range of comprehensive treatments, each specifically formulated for a particular dermatological problem and skin type. Top of the line skin care brands such as Skin Doctors and Proto-col have several effective products that help you combat the visible signs of aging including wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines as well as other skin conditions such as acne and dry skin. Skin treatments include popular products such as chemical peels, topical creams, gels and lotions as well as somewhat expensive ones such as Laser Treatment, Intense Pulsed Light Treatment and Plasma Skin Regeneration.
The Rio Laser Lift, for instance, is a low level laser treatment that combats the visible signs of aging. It also boosts the production of collagen in those parts of your body that have not been affected by the aging process, in order to prevent further aging. Laser therapy with Rio Laser Lift banishes fine lines and wrinkles and is suitable for all skin types. You can also use it all over your body and also in combination with anti-wrinkle serum. Eye Circle by Skin Doctors treats dark circles and improves the firmness of the under eye area.

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