How to Take Care of Different Skin Types?

You probably already know that there are 5 different types every person falls into when the skin is in question – that’s dry, oily, normal, combined, and sensitive. All of them require a different approach to the treatment.

In this article, we’ll show you how to treat all these different types. Read on if you want to know more!


People who have this type are often bothered by itching, pilling, or get irritated by different factors. What they need to do is to prevent it from becoming extra dry and eventually breaking at some points when blood will come out.

Aging is also creating a problem for them. This is why they need to avoid chemicals that will additionally irritate them and make it worse. Instead, you should use moisturizers that will keep it soft and prevent it from drying even more. See the dangers of dryness here.


People who fall in this type have visible pores who might even be very large so they are visible with the naked eye. Some of the things that you must-do, if you want to take care of it properly, is to always shower after even small sweating and never pick the acne.

Look for products that will make it dry – of course. Don’t shower too long thinking that you’ll take the oily parts off. Instead, use the right ingredients and make sure it is always treated so it breathes properly and never leaves the pores to get clogged.


If your skin has normal pores that are nor too big nor invisible, if you’re not too sensitive, it means that you fall into the normal category. People with this type have the least trouble in keeping it perfect as it is easy to maintain.

Long and hot showers do not harm it and different kinds of ingredients are absorbed without problems. Treating this kind is easy but if you let it go and never watch out what happens, then it can change and fall into a different category. This is why you should never ignore how you take care of it.


This is one of the two most complex types and it’s really hard to take care of because the most important issue is that at some places it is dry and in other it is oily. Often, the forehead is oily but the cheeks are dry, which means you need to use different products at the same time.

There are companies that have a line of brands that might be helpful like SkinPro products who are experts in different areas of the skincare routine. People with this type need to spend a lot of time searching for the best brand and also a lot of time treating their skin.


People who fall in the sensitive category have a hard time keeping their health in the dermatological sense. Their skin is always easy to be irritated by different things – wind, sun, dust, and many other things that will affect it.

The results are itchy and often irritated, burning, or red skin. Treating this type is not too complicated by the person who needs to find the proper products. Very often, two sensitive people will not react the same to one product, so everyone needs to find what’s best for them.


All the types have one thing in common though – cosmetics need to be chosen carefully and personally. Every person has a different reaction, so it’s important to spend some time researching and testing until they find the ultimate best combination for them.

This means the shampoo, creams, gels, soaps, everything needs to be in accordance with their skin type if they want to have it healthy and shiny as long as possible. See some ideas here:

It’s true that time takes its toll, and no one can stay young forever, but it’s important to know how to make it look and feel good for as long as possible.

In short, see what your skin category is, find the proper products with the proper ingredients inside and make sure you treat it with maximum care. Only this way you’ll see it last long enough.