POLA Review – Is POLA A Great Opportunity Or A Sham?

POLA is a network marketing company that originated in Japan but has spread across the world and is now based in California. They sell beauty products aimed at women, but also now stock a range of products for men. So is POLA a good opportunity for network marketers, or is it a business venture that is doomed to fail?
POLA – The Good
POLA is a company with a long history and a good pedigree, and this helps convince people that it is a legitimate opportunity. It was founded in 1929 and has a team of scientists who back up the products with research.
Also, since the market for beauty products is so big these days it means that there should be loads of potential customers interested in buying POLA products. All you need to do is find them.
POLA – The Bad
The bad side of POLA is not the products or the company, but the way the marketing plan is presented. In order to build a big business with POLA it is essential to sell a lot of products and also to regularly add good, committed, reps into your downline.
The problem is that if you do what they say and concentrate on your friends and family, hold sales parties, give away free samples, hand out business cards etc. Then you will have no chance of building a big business. Yes, you might make a small residual income, but you’ll never be able to make enough money to achieve financial freedom and independence for you and your family.
These techniques I have just described are called “warm marketing” techniques, and have been used in direct-selling for decades. It is now the 21 st century, however, and these techniques are outdated and proven to fail in the modern business world.
The Truth About POLA
All the top POLA consultants these days are using “target marketing” techniques instead. These are proven to succeed, and to succeed massively.
So is POLA a sham? The answer is no. It is definitely a legit opportunity, but making money depends on the skill set of the individual business owners. If you want to succeed with POLA you need to learn the art and science of target marketing.
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